Saturdate ♥

(mushroom soup with garlic bread)

(Sirloin steak with Aglio Olio pasta)

(moist chocolate cake)

It was past 4PM when I finished laundrying! Then my BF fetched me around 5:00 and we headed downtown to dine at his favorite steakhouse ~ Hot Tomato . An hour and thirty later, we went to Bugis junction overspending half of my salary on those enthralling dresses and clothings which were indeed really tempting.. Lol! Kidding aside, I would never ever squander 50% of my salary just to buy those worldly things coz hey I need to save for the rainy season. *wink. 

Anyway, just to give my self a li'l credit for the one month hardwork, I just bought 2 dresses which didn't cost me that much and 3 pairs of earrings, not bad right? I was also enticed to buy some trendy footwears & chic tote bags but just thought that I still have a few in the house but will just wait and see in the next few weeks how my budgeting skills would go because as hearsay, don't save after spending, but spend after saving. Finally, we ended the night watching the Rise of the guardians which I can say it brings out the child in me. Hope you can watch it too. :) 


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