Revamped Template

On a normal weekend basis, I used to stay in my little crib, reading interesting facts, watching movies that I have downloaded, hibernating, hearing mass, calling my loved ones back in the Philippines, checking any friend updates on Facebook and sometimes going out for a walk together with my BF. But for these entire 2 day rests, I just decided to get out of the normal track which is to check on my blogs and did a li'l template revamp. Yes, finally I got the time to pick a new template as my old template looks pretty boring already. However I just used my friend's sample layouts to get this finished product.

 In all honesty, I only had a few ideas on html editing as 5 years ago, I just purely relied on my friend's expertise..And yes, he is a computer savvy, an Internet geek who's really good into softwares and hardwares despite of not taking a formal course on these areas. He's just really diligent on reading IT stuffs over the world wide web and by applying this knowledge through hands on experience, it's really an x-factor that made his current business a successful and lucrative one. 

Anyway, going back, since I just manually edited and copied the template, I still couldn't figure out how to remove the header image which is currently reflecting as dummy. I need a lil help from my friend but seems he's out reach for the past 2 days already. Hopefully tonight I can contact him and help me out on this. Liao!


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