My former colleague and a very good friend
Lani, will be soon having a wedlock this coming December. Good for her that she has finally found her knight in shining armor and will be starting a new family of her own.  I remember so well, this lady is also very inclined to music even on her younger years (like I do) as she had won several music competitions at school. Though I didn't join any singing competitions as I never had the guts yet to showcase my voice alone in the limelight and in front of many people but a least we have something in common i.e. singing. 

Anyway, she also mentioned that not only singing that she’s good at but also playing musical instruments such as piano and guitar. When she started working, what she really wished to buy on her first pay was a new grand piano. Like wow! For such a newbie in the industry like her, she would definitely spend her first salary just to fulfill her wish.

So, as a buddy, I told her to canvass first and look for some piano stores over the web. Good thing we found the best online piano stores which offer a variety of selection from pre-owned and rebuilt to new vertical and horizontal pianos. Selecting a piano requires a lot of factors to consider such as the value for money, the type of piano but also the size of the room where the piano will be placed. After reading and taking all these points into consideration, her checklist had been finally completed and she got a new Baby Grand piano that’s just right for her budget. This is a very popular type of piano which ranges in size from 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches. Baby grand is a popular choice because of its sound quality, aesthetic appeal and affordability. Indeed it was also a rewarding experience for me for helping her chose the best one.


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