Our 26th! ♥

Last week was our monthsary and it wouldn’t be that complete without our favorite activity which is pigging out at some pricy resto here in Singapore! I’ve managed to take some snapshots of the mouthwatering meals we devoured on that day. Anyway, monthsary is quite identical to an anniversary, but it is celebrated in terms of months, as opposed to anniversaries which are celebrated in terms of years. The only difference is that there are only 11 monthsaries for a certain event; the 12th would already be an anniversary.

On that same day, he never failed to surprise me, when he gave me this wristlet & a tote bag from one of the leading American designer and maker of luxury lifestyle handbags and accessories. Wee!  Though, I didn't receive any flowers on that special day which I've expected he’d give me one nonetheless still celebrating it once a month is worth remembering. I’m just happy and thankful to God that we have reached this far despite of our indifferences and those shortcomings we've gone through over the last 26 months. I’m looking forward to celebrate more mothsaries & anniversaries with him. :)

Hmm.. I’m wondering what’s gonna be his next surprise or getaway on our 3rd anniversary. Would it be "another" out of the country escapade?? Yehey!!! Can’t wait for it.. Liao! ♥


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