Finally I’ve finished washing the car under the scorching & blistering heat of the sun and my head and whole body is burning in flame though there are still remnants of dirt that is very hard to remove but I finally gave up because of sheer exhaustion and decided the car was clean enough.... Huhu...

Pathetic! It was actually my first time to wash it and I never realized it was not that easy like what I’ve always noticed on the television. Well it has always been my brother’s chore to do it when he was still here in Davao so I guess, right now it’s my turn because of being the new chauffeur. LOL... (Poor lady—is it your new part-time job now?)

It could have been hassle-free and unperturbed should I only follow my moms suggestion upon taking it to an Auto Spa Service just a stone’s throw in our house last week. Apparently, that time I was really hesitant if I’ll bring it on an Auto Spa Service and have it washed in view of the fact that the weather was not getting any better so I decided not to instead wait for the next week. And I also heard the news, Mindanao is being bombarded with a gale or typhoon “Mina” so I guess it’s useless to bring it there and the pavement is full of marsh then. Hence, what can I do but to do it by myself instead... Well I’m not having any complaints, I think its fun and I’m enjoying it…Till next car washing week..☺


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July 7, 2010 at 10:01 AM  

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