tirelessly workin..

it's saturday and a lot of shippers are now buzzing my phone.. need not set the alarm clock coz they are the ones doing it, calling me to get up and work! In any case, need to fix myself now to go on duty.. I still have to submit the complete loading list by 12nn since vessel will depart early tomorrow, estimated 0500hours..should hasten my pace now coz i still also have to check the preferred routing if not, a big problem might occur before reaching the cargoes destination i.e longer transit will be involved = claims.. hay.. that's already routinary to me..

Moving forward, actually, my colleague and I alternately work on Saturday since the vessel schedule is every Sunday departure.. and for week 19 I was tasked to do it.. probably when i get back from the office this evening, i will tell you my whereabouts. bye guys..


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