ready for summer?

May 1 is labor day and that means officially no work on that day! I know it's too late but it was indeed a fun filled activity together with my dearest colleagues. A company outing at Paradise Island was held at that day. When we reached the place which is just a 15 minute boat ride, have already seen and enamored the heat of summer. White sand, games, swimming on the wide blue beach, seeing girls/women wearing their own hottest swimsuits, men at their trunks and of course lots of foods served in the table.

Well of course, I also prepared my outfit/swimwear a week prior and just as I thought to search it over the web first and found amiclubwear. On this site, you can also search a lot such as formal dresses, cosmetics, shoes, clothing, swimwear on what's hot etc. Have also told Tetet about it, to go over the net and look for best swimsuit for her. We're so happy that we found such that really suits our taste and our preference.

Going back to our outing, the whole activity was indeed fun and I will always treasure those memories. For next post I will include the snapshots of our escapade..

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