Here in our country, summer usually starts at April and ends at May thus this is the time where all are enticed to go out in the summer sunshine and having fun at the beach. Since it is summer, and we are usually exposed under the heat of the sun and if might overexposed this will lead our skin to Hyperpimentation which is indeed caused by sun damage, inflammation or other skin injuries including those related to acne vulagris.

In order to prevent this nightmare from happening and would indeed result to losing confidences in the future, we must take necessary precautions.Sometimes it may seem like skin is impossible to manage but the good news is that there are ways to prevent and treat common skin problems.

We wash our face twice a day, don’t pop pimples, avoid touching face with your fingers, putting on sun blocks when going to the beach, eat the right food and balance diet, eat fruits and get enough sleep. I believe there are hundred ways on how to take care of your skin or even by simply surfing the net you can find a whole lot more. Hope those mentioned above would somehow help you avoid damaging your skin.


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