New Car for her

Two days from now, my colleague Lani will now be driving her own brand new car! That's really exciting isn't it?

2 months ago, she was really busy checking for what car to buy being the new outdoor Sales Executive in our company. She was indeed hasting to buy the new car as she has been pushed to buy the car as soon as possible to do her outdoor selling of our company’s products and services as per recent advised by the top management. So, what she did was ask everybody’s opinions, searched the net, watched the Acura videos, Aston-Martin videos, and Audi videos as well thus finally got her final decision to buy the car at Honda.

Honda, being one of the biggest automobile companies that offers a wide range of services in the whole world, she was really positive to buy the latest model on that particular company. So she visited the store and ask for an assistance to provide her the quotation for the car she prefers to buy. The HONDA XRM 125 2008 MODEL was her bet because of the low cost, fuel economy and quality wise. Then made necessary arrangements, submitted pertinent documents, ironed her loan application, awaited for the management’s check and finally got an approval for the car she really wanted. Indeed, that’s really promising as young as she is because within one month she will be able to buy her new car courtesy of the company’s benefit. Congrats Lani and drive home safely.


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July 7, 2010 at 10:27 AM  

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