Mid college, I was really having a problem on my face because of those pimples and not just pimples but also acnes. I've made some research on How To Get Rid Of Acne , Acne Treatment, Natural Acne Treatment and somehow it work though. Those we're only temporarily remedies cause after the treatment, it left a scar and it was indeed disgusting coz it diminishes my confidence in meeting new people because of those breakouts. I even don’t go out on a date during daytime coz the scars are really visible and so sickening. I’m scared that my date will not like me anymore just because of those filthy scars and breakouts. Well it proved me wrong because it’s not the physical beauty the guy will look after me but the real me, the kind heart that I posses.

Well, I guess it’s just part of growing and I cannot prevent it from happening not until I reached the age of 20. . Good thing, after several years, somehow the scars faded little by little and my confidence gets back to where it should be. Thanks and I have surpassed those nightmares and to those advices I read from the net.

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