Buy at Vialuxe!

I’m so excited because in 3 days time, I’m gonna be receiving my earnings from blogging and also next week would be my payday. Wee.. That’s a lot of money and I was just thinking what to buy something for myself. Hmm..

Well, as I was surfing the net, I was fascinated with this baume & mercier watch from Vialuxe wherein you can really experience an ultimate luxury shopping experience because of the luxurious products they are offering. Not only that, they also offer an array of Luxury watches, Fine Jewelry perfect for couples, Cartier, DFavid Yurman, Tag Heuer, Omega watches and a whole lot more. But I’m quite skeptical to buy that baume & mercier watch because that’s a way too expensive. All I will be receiving is just a small amount of penny which is only good for an elegant yet not too expensive watch that I can buy in the malls here in our place. Perhaps if I could win $ 10, 000 I could buy that expensive watch.

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