The photos were taken last July of 2007 when I and my officemates went to Laguna. It's just that one of my officemates invited us to have a quick tour on their place since it's a Saturday and when I got the chance, I took pictures from one of the Laguna's Holy Mountain, "The Mt. Banahaw." It is said that Mt. Banahaw keeps away those who are not yet ready to receive its secrets. Rising some 2450 meters from sea level, this active volcano, a part of the Banahaw-Cristobal National Park, has long been believed to be a storehouse of psychic energy. The local residents considers it a sacred mountain.

It teems with legends and superstitions. It has been the home to countless members of religious cults, hermits, soul searchers, spiritist and faith healers who climbs its slopes to meditate in it’s cave and commune with the mountain spirits. It clearly shows the other side of Filipino fanaticism and superstitious ways. Being in Banahaw is something like stepping into incredible stories of apparitions, heavenly voices, strange sounds, dwarves, fairies and even UFO’s. Geographically, Banahaw stands on a power point where the key lines of the earth intersect.Wherever such latitudes and longitudes meet, they create energy fields that allow higher frequencies of perception, physiological or otherwise. In this Season of Lent, I'm pretty sure that a lot of Devotee's and Hikers will once again visit the Holy Place.


Those are good photos and the info war interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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