10,000 BC Premier

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After my work, my BF immediately fetched me and decided to watch a movie so we headed immediately at NCCC mall. After our dinner, we were taken aback when saw myriads of people falling in line to watch the Premier of 10, 000 B.C. so we also bought tickets and ride with the flow.

Basically, the movie's title is "10,000 B.C.," but its characters and story line hark back to the first two decades of the last century, the era of D.W. Griffith. You have an outcast and an orphan, a boy who needs to become a man, a girl who needs rescuing, evil slave traders, noble savages and a revolt of the suffering masses.

The story begins among a remote mountain tribe, who are white, speak English and hunt mammoths. Except that those woolly beasts are descending into their snowy valley with greater infrequency because of, yes, climate change.

A prophecy by its spiritual leader, Old Mother (Mona Hammond), lays out all three acts: Four-legged demons -- slave traders on horses -- will raid the village and capture many young people, including the beautiful orphan girl Evolet (Camilla Belle), who caught the eye of young hunter D'Leh (Steven Strait) when she was a child.

His pursuit of her and her captors along with his mentor Tic Tic (Cliff Curtis) and the very young Baku (Nathanael Baring) will turn him into a warrior and galvanize other tribes to join in the quest to overthrow an evil civilization and religion that has enslaved so many people.

Getting to the riverside home of this Aztec-like civilization, intent on building pyramids through slavery and human sacrifice, is half the fun. En route, D'Leh -- pronounced Delay -- and his gang encounter fierce beasts such as a thing that looks like a giant turkey buzzard and another one that looks like a giant saber-toothed tiger.

Then the motley crew hits a primordial jungle, where they encounter a black tribe. Its leader, Nakudu (Joel Virgel), whose ability to speak English is reasonably explained, sees D'Ley as the answer to his tribe's own prophecy, so the invasion force gets that much bigger. Next comes a vast desert, where more tribes join the rebellion.

Strait makes a convincing hero as his youth, athleticism and earnestness stand in him in good stead. Belle does manage to suggest a bit more depth to her character as she is anything but a poor girl quietly acquiescing to her captivity. Curtis and Virgel are solid as aging tribal leaders looking to pass on their dearly purchased wisdom.


So.... do you recomend this film??

March 9, 2008 at 5:44 AM  

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