Seizing the Day!

These photos were taken last Friday when the Rosary Group (Angels of the Lords) went to visit and threw a small birthday bash to our beloved Kuya King who is currently taking Theology at St. Francis Xavier Regional Major Seminary at Catalunan Grande, Davao City. He's actually the one who spearheaded and created the Rosary Group and we're on our 4th year now still holding hand in hand praying the Holy Rosary. Anyway, only a few of us visited him but truly was taken aback for he didn’t know that we will be visiting him on his sanctuary giving our wishes and prayers for his another chapter of life. We really had a great time, learning a lot from his journey to life, sharing about his great experiences while staying in the Seminary studying Theology and of course he also reiterated about the upcoming Season of Lent. The presence of God was within us considering the place is very secluded and very solemn. After the event, we all bid him goodbye and thanked him for everything he taught us, it was indeed an unforgettable experience being under his Holy tutelage. Got here some pics of our momentous escapade..

On our way home we happened to pass by the
Holy Spirit Adoration Chapel (Pink Sisters)


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