Health & Safety

Just last week my twin sister fortunately got her 1st job as a Site Engineer in one of the leading constructions firm here in our town. Though she has not taken yet her license because of some PRC problems but still was able to get the job she wanted. And she promised also to her new boss that she will soon get a License for her profession as soon as the PRC is up.. Lolz.. Well, tomorrow will be her first day and she was so excited about it but all her excitement came to a halt, learning about some information as an employee. Actually her task is more of facilitating or manning construction workers in a construction site. Since this is her first job, I would recommend her to undergo or read more information about health and safety issues at that is for her to fully be aware of the do’s and don’ts once working in a construction industry.

Basically, this site provides information about health and safety training programme which aims to provide the Construction Industries an array of courses for individuals seeking to hone their skills in a specific field of interest which is also related to that kind of industry. Of course it would give a rapid growth to the company if one has undergone one of the Programme’s trainings. And aside of being benefited to this program, it would also reduce the risk of accidents, would give a higher rate of return to the company, reduces downtime and lessens the risk of lawsuits. Wow! they have indeed great deals for whose profession are connected with a Construction Industry.

And I'm pretty sure this would be really of great help for my twin sister as a head start to her new career. Well, as hearsay “An army that is prepared for the battle will win.” So it’s better to prepare herself in going to work than never! Congrats my dear twin sistah and break a leg!!


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