My Cyber sis Jhona gave me this tag.. Salamat po.mwahh..

1. I love to eat: something edible..LOlz..of course it must be edible.. like Macadamia Nuts, Chocolate meltdown, Carbonara, Spaghetti, Ice Cream, Kare-Kare, Coffee, and Choco Mousse Cakes, etc..

2. I hate to eat: --->nothing in particular.. I'm not that very choosy when it comes to food.

3. I love to go: where fun and adventures are present.. Best of all I love to travel anywhere.. Be it in the Philippines or Abroad(hopefully hehe)

4. I hate to go:? to an eerie places.. It made my nerves rack..

5. I love it when: woolsy (my crossed-eyed cat) plays with his fave rope..wahaha

6. I hate it when: someone calls me with a "psssst."..instead of calling my name.

7. I love to see: the 7 wonders in the world up close..

.8. I hate to see: those people who bullies and kills a cat.. It made my heart melt..huuhu

9. I love to hear: a choir singing. It helped me remember my college days..I was somehow part of it..hehe

10. I hate to hear: those people who keeps on compelling me to say something in front of myriads of people.. I have really have a stage fright..huhu..

Whew.. finally I'm done with this tag and I'm passing this to the following persongs namely:

Brain, Chester, Noel, Chaelzy, Ritchelle, Racq, Dencio, Paulo, Sass and Nancy..


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