I woke up this morning worrying about my Medical Exam result since I've been coming back in forth at the clinic for about two days already and I needed the result badly so I can submit it by today. I also need to photocopy my other credentials just in the stone's throw in our house so I don't have to carry the original copies and have it photocopied there and another is that I have to check my mom's GSIS Loan status at the ATM. So I asked joy to accompany me and woolsy our beloved cat to get in the car. When we reached One Network Bank I immediately checked the ATM and unfortunately there's still no balance credited so I put it back on my wallet (i guess). Since I was the only one at the ATM, I also checked my other ATM cards and went to a photocopying center afterwards.

Around 12 noon my mom called regarding the status of the GSIS Loan and still no feedback about it so she decided and asked me to accompany her at the GSIS office directly to re-apply for the loan. As I was about to leave the house to fetch my mother at the school, I happened to check my wallet and the GSIS e-card was lost!! I was taken aback when I learned that it wasn't there...I was not really sure if I placed it on my wallet safely.. So many things came running on my head for sure that I'll be scolded by my mom if she finds out that I lost it. Panic-stricken I checked the car, it wasn't there, I went to the bank, maybe I left or fell it on the ground and asked the guard but still no card was being found and finally I went to the photocopying center but they didn't found any GSIS Card. So I just phoned my mom that I’ve lost the card and I won’t be able to accompany for I will be reporting to the office. She was indeed surprised and so worried about the lost card but I assured her that I will find it.

On my way to the clinic to get the medical results, I was really confused and flash-backing on how did I lost the card. I can’t really concentrate and I didn't know what to do. I just set my mind that maybe I just happened to misplaced it in the house and not somewhere else. Then around 5pm, my BF called me and asking me about our plans yesterday about watching a movie i.e the Golden Compass, so we met at the NCCC Mall. Bewildered, he asked me if what’s wrong so I told him the whole story. Due to the incident happened earlier, I just decided to postpone our date too since I was really worried about the card. My BF has always been supportive and understanding so we just decided to go back home.

When I got home, frantically I told my mom about the lost GSIS e-card and just informed her to get another one... She was really upset, reprimanded me for my negligence, and compelled that I will be the one to ask another one at the GSIS office tomorrow... What a really bad day for me... I hope I can process the card replacement right away…


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July 6, 2010 at 5:59 PM  

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