1. How late did you stay up last
-- 12mn

2. What was the first thing you
thought this morning?
--if where can i find a cocktail dress for our x-mas party this friday

3. Is the person you have a crush on
older or younger than you?
= younger

4. What did you do last night?
--eat, read, text, listen to music, watch tv, served the guests (fiesta)

5. What are you doing this weekend?
--went to church, attend our weekly rosary, prepared for our town fiesta

6. Do you think you still/will be in
a relationship 3 months from now?

--yes.. yes..

7. Do you own a stereo that cost more
than $100?


8. Have you ever told someone of the
opposite sex you loved them and meant
--yes of course

9. How's your heart lately?
--undeniably in "cloud 9"

1 0. What were you doing this morning
at 7am?
--slept..slept..and still sleeping.. I woke up at around 9...

11. What were you doing this
afternoon at 12pm?
--went to church

14. What was the reason you last
-- scolded by my mom

19. Have you ever talked to someone
when they were high?
20. How many red lights have you ran?
--many times pero it's blinking..wahaha..

21 . Have you ever cried while taking
a shower?

22. What was your favorite grades?
-- grade 3

23. What were you doing at 12am last
-- net surfing.. chitchat wit balchee o'er the phone

24. Whats a sure way to catch your
attention?-- call out my name

25. Have you ever, in any way, been
betrayed by someone you trusted?
--i think so

26. When was the last time you were
given a rose?
--when i reached the davao airport and balchee gave me one as a sort of welcome piece

27. Is there anything that you are
craving for right now?
--red ribbon's choco mousse

I'm tagging Brian, Chester, Dhenz, Plax..


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