It's Such a day!!

We were supposed to take our lessons by heart inculcated
by our trainer since we will be having our exams in a an hour or two.
But we were enticed to take pictures instead of studying.

It was my first day of training as I worked in a top caliber call center somewhere here in the busy streets of Makati. Nerved racking and timid I started to meet new faces, different personalities and somehow developed camaraderie that reached us the verge of being the ultimate and gregarious batchmates. My melancholic and introverted life before I have grasped the facades of their persona has turned into a blissful one when I transpired about their lives and peculiarities. It was fun and I really won’t forget those momentous days that I was with lovely, hilarious stupendous batchmates of mine. Hope to see these guys reaching the verge of pedestal as we endeavor our different lives to the fullest.

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