The gorgeous Bride and the good-looking Groom together with
the attractive bridesmaid and maid of honor and the Corporate Officials
along with their valor uniforms.

It was tiring but indeed pleasurable of becoming a bridesmaid since we really have to hasten our pace upon coordinating the wedlock of our Tita and Tito. It was a flourishing and luxurious event though we felt so shy and coy while assisting the latter in view of the fact that the celebration was participated with the most well-known colleagues, distinguished guests, professional, corporate friends, and relatives of our Tito and Tita.

Well, after that day, things kept on running on my head as I thought of the words spoken, emotions that are being expressed and advices being hammered and inculcated by the different personas in the wedding based on their experiences as married couples. Indeed, life is full of uncharted mysterious as we embark it to the fullest.. Seize the day!!

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