Losing someone very closed to your heart is one of the hardest things we can go through, so much more if it is the pillar of the family. No words can express what I am feeling for the past 3 months and surely only time can help me, my mum , my siblings and those people very close to him to accept that harsh reality.

Yes, for those unbearable months, our lives were in total distress and melancholic as our ever dearest mentor, a good provider, friend, role model,  disciplinarian, the only man who raised me and my 3 other siblings for the more than 30 years, our compassionate father, have left this world for a better place.  But his words of wisdom, his selfless love to my mum & to us his children as well his siblings, all that he taught us will never leave and will always be tattooed in our hearts forever.

As I went down on my memory lane, I cannot help but cry reminiscing those times when we still had our dad. He is a clever, witty, strong-willed and a God-fearing person. He never ran out of words of encouragements to us whenever winning is really hard to achieve. He also used to crack jokes and always displays a good sense of humor and affection to everyone.  Our “Papa Eddie”, as what we used to call him, was also one of those hard working dads I've ever known as he was able to manage to send us 4 in a University and obtained a degree despite of not having a fixed income but purely relied on his small biz and with my mum’s fixed salary as a Teacher . Well, he used to have a white collar job back on his late 30’s as Sales Supervisor and was considered one of the top caliber employees of Fortune Tobacco International Crop however; he decided to retire early and considered putting up his own empire.

Apparently, anyone can say he is a strict disciplinarian as his words were the law in our house. Indeed he was. I and my siblings along with my cousins used to fear him when we were still young even until we grew older and got hold of the immense realm of today.  But we never thought he was already teaching us one of the most valuable lessons in life, standing up for what you believe in. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Under his tutelage, I slowly understood why he treated us like that. And I also discovered that he was a very compassionate and kind person despite of his stern personality. I learned that the most important thing that he had was us, his family. Though he may never have said it out loud I know that he was really proud of what we have become right now. We are who we are now because we had a father like him. And for that, our heartfelt thanks to you Pa.

Papa Eddie, your courageous battle (adenocarcinoma) and suffering has finally come to an end and now you’re gone home to our beloved heavenly father. We will always keep that good memories and tapestries in our hearts. We love you so much and we will surely miss you..


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