At long last, after more than a year and a half, we finally have ourselves thrilled to the most popular theme park here in Singapore, The Universal Studios. It was so far the best among the theme parks (Disneyland/Ocean Park at Hong Kong, Star City at Manila, & the Genting Theme Park at Malaysia) I’ve been to and I couldn't contain the bliss and excitement for having the chance to experience all of these in my entire existence.

It was only at the 11th hour last Friday when my colleague had mentioned about the 4 remaining admission tickets for USS that he’s peddling for only $40. Without having second thoughts and since it’s more way cheaper than the normal admission ticket which costs around $74 for One Day Peak Pass or $64 for One Day Non-peak Pass and the Two Day Pass at $118 for Adults, then we decided to take the 4 tickets at it’s already a good bargain.

The park is open daily from 10AM to 9PM so we all agreed to go with much enthusiasm on a fine Sunday morning notwithstanding the thought of having work on a busy Monday as we all know we will all be exhausted enjoying all the rides thereafter. 

I could say the 2 highlights on that day were riding the TRANSFORMERS Ultimate 3D Battle. It was super thrilling and exhilarating to the nth level! I was like I’m in the battlefield with the evil robots. I wouldn't mind taking this ride again and again. And lastly, the ever petrifying Battlestar Galactica: CYCLON where indeed we screamed our lungs out as you will be accelerated 360 degrees, upside down, twist and turns and there's this floating feeling  every time we go through a huge plummet.  So you could imagine yourself dropping 14 storeys down faster than an average free fall speed. Whew! It was really scary but fun!

The photos above can best depict how we really had fun wandering around the huge whimsical park & trying all the fun bloody rides. It definitely brought the kids in us! :) 


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