Passion for Music

Ever since I was child, I always dreamed of becoming a singing star or part of a church or community choir as I really have this passion for music specifically singing. Whenever I hear a familiar song, I couldn't stop but listen to its rhythm and trying to jive its rhythmic pattern, chant with its lyrics and feel its deep meaning and that is how my soul really feels alive. My music hunger was indeed ignited, when I reached my 3rd year of college and joined a chapel choir at school. I was really elated then when I became part of a choir, singing songs of praise to the Lord. A part of those vocal lessons, singing hymns and reading musical notes, we also had this piano tutelage. Though it was really not my aspiration to become a pianist but by just simply listening and seeing how they play, it truly fueled up my desire to learn more about music.

        As I strolled down my memory lane, I recalled these musings when I stumbled upon this piano master Craig Sheppard at and was totally mesmerized how he plays and teaches piano in his class. According to his website, he is a Professor of Piano, joined the faculty of the School of Music of the University of Washington in 1993 after living twenty years in London. He also had wound up several concert series, gave solo recitals and master classes throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Well, I was able to manage to trace the details of the Sacramento Concert events  and Professor Craig Shepard's sheer talent and music performance on that event was truly amazing!  I truly admire his music passion in piano and I am also looking forward to achieve that same goal in future, the passion of singing. 

Anyway, Sacramento Concert events include astounding live music performances by international and amateur pianists in the music industry and there are also student recitals for the whole family and friends to enjoy. So if you have the passion and enthusiasm for music, they also have song writing competitions to showcase your talents. If you want to know more about their events you can also visit their site here



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