Keep it coming!

Time flies so fast and I didn’t almost notice that this blog has already turned five years. Hurray! 
I was a indeed startled and of course elated when I found out that my blog’s page rank is now at PR3. That means, more views, increase in traffic and best of all, more opportunies and  paid reviews to hit. Lol!

I remember last time in 2010, when I also reached this rank, I was expecting that my blog’s limelight will last for about a month but to my dismay,  Google has run the page rankings again and boom! My first ever PR3 vanished in a thin air. :( So sad that the excitement only lasted a week or two and I was already apathetic to continue my routines in blogosphere.

Anyway, I just cannot contain the excitement right now for getting this PR and hopefully I will maintain it for at least a month or more. :)


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