All About Love

Love, when expressed through words, brings out the best in expressions.

Below are the compilation of quotes that one can say, a good mix of romantic and chessy words:

On missing someone:

Every night I long to be with you, to feel your warmth despite the coldness of the night. Truth be told, I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you. I hope you feel the same way too.

For my heart, you're the one and all my thoughts go to you. I'm longing for the day you'll come. I'm missing you and hope you are too.

You are my man. You are my king.You are my sun so hot and bright. You are my angel, you are my dream. You are the star I'm missing this night.

Looking at the stars so bright, you are always on my mind. Looking at the moon, I feel so blue. I'll hardly stand the night without you.

Another day has passed. One day farther from the last time we met, but a day closer to the next time that we will. I love you ___ and I am looking forward to hug, kiss and be with my true love.

Each day I long, for the touch of your hand, the warmth of your embrace, the sweetness of your kiss. Each time I sleep I then know that when I wake up, I am one day closer to be with you. I miss you ____ and I love you so.

On loving you:

I hope we don't get too mindful of who, what and how we were in the past. They're over now. What is important is who, what, how we are now and will be. My future is you and I'm praying to God that He guides us throughout our shared lives.

People might say that we are moving fast and in a hurry. But I believe everything is just happening at the right time, right place and right pace. I am passionate for you. Hope our love will grow and be stronger everyday. Let us love like we never loved before. I love you and I thank God for loving you.

They call it fate, some say it's circumstance. They'll tell you it is destiny, for others it is chance. Whatever brought me to meet you, it was all planned even before time has started. It is God's plan that's all. And I always believe that He created me to love you. I thank God because He gave me love so I can love you. I love you ___ and I always will.

I love you ___. I wish I could say those words to you every single seconds of our lives. Good night. Sweet dreams, my love, my heart, my life, my ____.

For all the lovers out there, Love like you have never loved before. Love freely. Love Truly.


To love and to be loved is a great feelings :) Thanks for sharing.. :)

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