A peaceful dreamland, a fabulous getaway of steep volcanoes, lush jungle, white beaches, sumptuous dishes and delicacies, great beach clubs and the soothing Hot and Cold Springs all rolled into one!!! We're lovin it..♥♥♥

May check those snapshots thru this link -->FB.


years ago i saw a homeless man in california wearing a camiguin island t-shirt. i could not help but be amazed at the irony of it. this small volcanic island, spawned a relatively ingignificant number of tourist tshirts.

I remember the island. i saw the volcanoes, the hot and cold springs. i remember eating balut in the dark, at a hot spring in camiguin, and loved every minute i was there.

then i saw that shirt worn by a man who had no idea what, or where camiguin is. Thank you, catsy for writing about it

October 31, 2010 at 1:37 PM  

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