Scents on Sale!

This week, Davao is celebrating the Annual Kadayawan Festival and. A bucket of fashion clothings, whimsy accessories and heaven scents are on Sale!! Geez.. Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage, colorful floral parades, and the universal street dancing will speak for itself how this place can be considered as one of the livable City in the Philippines.

Great!! Better check it tomorrow then coz I really want to buy something new for myself and I wanna see those beautiful floral floats dazzling along the pavements and busy streets of Davao. I’m currently checking online perfumes as well on what scent will soothe my personality so I can buy one tomorrow since I can avail it in a lower price. I'm also checking the schedule of the events of the said festival here in the web so my sisters and I can take a sneak preview tomorrow.

online perfume


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