Oh no! My watch is no longer working and I don' think it still requires repair or whatsoever battery replacement. I had it already replaced last January and now its not functioning anymore. Actually, my friend and I bought each others watch last Mar 2006 and it's life span lasted for about 3 years. That's not too bad for its lifespan so I guess it's just worth it. Eventually I'm planning to purchase a new one since I'm the type of person who really values time so purchasing a watch is indeed necessary and would be of great help for me in maximizing my time.

Let see if I can fish great, cool stuffs and styles over the net that is for me to save time and believe it is really convenient if I'll just check it online. Good thing I found shopwiki.com where you can find all your needs and wants from accesories, jewelries, sunglasses to watches. Indeed, shopping online is just a click away and it's hassle free. Perhaps tomorrow I can finalize my list and grab that new watch I'm reeally longing for.


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July 7, 2010 at 8:52 AM  

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