Wheew!! I spent 5 long hours in the office on a Saturday. This day is supposed to be my rest day after that 5 tiring working days but I have to report here in the office and work! That's it.. Well, it should be that way since I have a lot of things to do, actually those are pending tasks which could be have been done during normal working days. But I guess, tasks are already piled up and too much pressure is manifesting since we have a new service and new Vessel so I must finish and surpass all these conundrums. If you are actually in a Shipping line industry, you must sacrifice a little, well I guess not a little but most of your time monitoring the loadings of the vessel, coordinating with the destination counterpart for the whereabouts of the Shipper's containers so on and so forth. Hohoho.. It's part of my job and it's the reality for me to live.. So, I guess, I just have to enjoy and savor it for me not to develop any apathy! I deserve a treat for this.. Whee.. I'll go to the mall and buy somethin for me..Hurrah!!. Have a nice weekend everyone :)

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