I’ll be leaving the office in any minute by now since I have to go to the mall and buy nursery stuffs and baby furnitures for my officemate’s baby christening this Sunday. Actually, I have to purchase two baby stuffs since the twins will be celebrating it. Yes! You heard it right! I can really imagine how cute and lovely these twins are if they will be put in their new cribs and their toddler beds.
I’m really so excited to fish in the toy kingdom to check their newest
Baby Mobiles and everything. Hopefully I could get the best items for them since this is my first time to be a Godmother. Actaully my friend will be accompanying me to help me sort and check on these stuffs. Hope you can also help me give me ideas on which items to buy since I only have 3 days to buy it. Or perhaps I’ll let my friend check it on the net. So for now, I have to go. Byebye..


Catsy, it is a blessing to think when I marry it will be to someone of the same faith as me. It is a wonderous thing to imagine the journey that unfolds, to know maybe, the day will come that I will ask someone to serve as Godparents to my child....

Ahhh. But then again, I am getting way ahead of myself.

January 30, 2009 at 4:20 AM  

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