Hello Guys and Gals! I hope you can still remember this li'l own dominion..My very valued sanctuary and my simple yet not domineering blog of mine.
I really miss you guys… i really do! Hope I can show in my won minute way how I’ve really wanted to update this blog and to chitchat with my long lost blogmates in the world of blogosphere and of course the “income generating tasks!Wee!!. Indeed, was very busy for a couple of months then since I started working full time in an international company that's why I always failed to visit and update this blog.. I’ve been working under pressure and thus my thoughts and ideas were already squeezed everytime I got home so there’s no more left from me to do that thing online. Adding up the “no Internet connection” in the house since my CPU is not working at all.. geez!(hopefully can fix it or just buy a lap top!)
So right now, am discretely doing this thang here in the office notwithstanding my busy-ness and hopefully my boss won’t catch me..Lol!! Anyhow, am back.. Miss you guys.. Mwaaahhh..

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