Got a new Mailbox

Admittedly was so busy yesterday since I did many tasks in the office due to the backlogs of our counterpart in Gensan who is actually on leave for a week. After my OT, I went hastily to the mall to look for mailboxes as requested by my father because he keeps on complaining about our mails not getting right in front of our door or I guess since nobody’s home, the postman just leave it right there in the gate without letting it receive by someone. To my dismay, I didn’t find any residential mailboxes that have a high quality in that mall so I just went home and thought of checking it on over the net.

Luckily, landed on wherein you can find an array of mailboxes with chic designs, unique-looking residential mailboxes, and commercial mailboxes good for an individual homeowner or business persons. So, I decided to buy one and my father was so happy seeing it outside mounted near in our gate. Hopefully Mr. Postman won’t fail to drop it in our new Mailbox instead of inserting it between our gate. Anyway, you could also check their site if you want to purchase one and that is at


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