Good Night everyone!

Need to rest now.. I'm so sleepy.. It's just that I had a very long chat with my long time friend who is in Manila right now.. Actually he was my former classmate who happened to be my suitor wayback in High School. But I never gave him a chance because I was afraid to commit any relationship at that time and I was afraid to get hurt either..Lol..It's a long story and need not to share it here.. I'm so excited because he'll be visiting Davao soon. Hopefully we could meet and have a chit-chat personally. It was really fun chatting with him and I almost forgot all my personal problems.. Anyways, til here.. Coz my eyes are already sleepy and my self as well..Lol.. Bye for now guys and sleep tight! Sweet dreams!! Mwahh..


Night, see you later.

June 8, 2008 at 8:56 AM  

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