At times, false pregnancy tests can baffle expectant parents. Therefore, it is imperative to have profound knowledge about pregnancy tests, how these tests are taken and how accurate these test results can be. At the same time, this article will also focus on the best time for expectant mothers to undergo the tests.

How Do Tests Process Results?

Though the possible way to avoid false pregnancy is through tests, however, instances are not rare when pregnancy tests fail to indicate accurate test results. The good news is that incidents of false test results can be avoidable. Yes, with a little knowledge about the functioning of pregnancy test we can be a wise buyer of the right pregnancy tests kits and prevent false pregnancy test results.

The pregnancy kits available at your nearest pharmacy store measure a particular type of hormone that doctors term as "Human chorionic gonadotropin". The pregnancy tests show different results in response to the different levels of this HCG. Due to varying levels of this hormone, test results seem to vary in early stages of pregnancy. Then you might question what the best time is or phase of pregnancy to avoid false pregnancy test results.

What Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test?

The HCG hormone secretion follows the fertilization of the eggs and placement of the embryo to the uterus. Medical experts choose this span of pregnancy when fertilization takes place as the best time to take the pregnancy test. The period after one week of missed period is identified as the phase when the embryo gets attached to the uterus and is considered the best possible stage of pregnancy to take the pregnancy test. However, building up of the HCG concentration can vary from one person to another.

Rate Of Accuracy Of Pregnancy Tests

Currently, urine based pregnancy tests are commonly recommended and used. Yet, occurrences of a misleading test result can be avoidable when all the instructions on these tests are obeyed. If the tests are taken just after the missed periods, you might experience ‘negative’ false pregnancy test results. Often, if the strips are not properly soaked in urine, the tests might return to you a negative result.

On the other hand, probabilities for positive false pregnancy test results also remain. Have you been waiting longer than required to show you a positive pregnancy test result since the evaporation of urine from the strip will show you the color of positive test results? You should be cautious about the possibilities of positive false pregnancy test results as some rare type of cancers resemble positive pregnancy test results. In such cases, women after two weeks of missed period should visit a doctor, to undergo a blood test that is more likely to be accurate than the urine pregnancy test.


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