Jammin' @ Pista Lokal

Was so nervous at that time because it was an on the spot singin' “Power of Two.” It should have been "So Slow" but was caught up! Everything I guess went amiss.. Huhu.. I really didn't expect that to happen because I was just sitting with them chit chatting, eating, drinking, listening to that local band on stage and Lo! All of my colleagues compelled me to sing on the stage. It was supposed to be a request to the band, but what happened was the other way around; I was forced to sing that song instead of true performer.Huhu. I can really say that I myself is not a performer, I can sing but not in a Resto jam-packed! I just sing privately or just in a videoke bar together with my friends. Anyway, going back, I don’t even got the chance to practice. It was impromptu! My nerves keep racking and had so much butterflies on my stomach. My face turned red and all the negative things came running on my head. Oh my! That was really horrible and I felt like I was really out of tune. But anyway, so much for all those embarrassments I’ve felt that night, it was fun though and I will never forget that moment in my entire life.. Lol.. But for now, I have a little piece to share with guys. Hope u won’t feel embarrass too. Hehe..

Razel took this pic..Huhu.. Got some proof huh??!

Grab this one pic from my collegue Lady Glam
Chicken Barbecue


Catsy!! Was that you?? What a pretty voice you have ... Bravo! Bravo!!!!
(Speedcat clapping now)
That took me a while to download with my dial up line, but it was well worth it. Very nice :-)

April 8, 2008 at 7:05 AM  

show your talent if you have guts! dropping by

April 8, 2008 at 8:56 PM  

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