Nowadays drug addiction, bombing, prostitution, and chaos are very rampant in every place around the globe. These crises are not new to us and it’s always the cream of the crop on the media that really needs to be eradicated and solved. I guess this could be lessened if the Government must take appropriate actions about it and promote an anti-crime brigade for every nation.

Hence, over the years of facing these crises, these problems have been minimized and purged with the help of some genuine authorities and concerned citizens. Drug Pushers busted by the authorities were handcuff and put in jails and some were sentenced to life imprisonment. Drug addicts who suffer from severe drug intakes were being treated in a drug rehab for them to fully recover and others are being put under an Alcohol Rehab for a proper prescription drug addiction treatment. Same with the bludgeoning terrorists and prostitution advocator, their unscrupulous works came to halt because of the help of our a few so called leaders. Well I guess, the predicaments our countries are suffering are just part of the harsh reality and rat race. In due time, it can be wiped out so that we can live peacefully in our own abode.


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