Through the years of my existence, I was able to meet people in all walks of life and develop camaraderie with them. These people became my ally when winning is difficult to grasp and also became my ortress in times troubles and difficulties. I can unreservedly express myself, my ideas, and thoughts, laugh and cry with them and I can say that I am very fortunate having these precious gifts God has given me. The friendship that I have gained from them will always be kept in my heart as I endeavor my life through the coming years. And I will always treasure them and will eventually remain in the tapestry of my life as long as I live. Nothing can compare the bliss that you can experience when you are with these so called friends. And so I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to these wonderful friends of mine. Thank You Friend, you know who you are.

Moreover, in this world wherein technological advancements are being spearheaded, we can also gain friends through the most highly developed world wide web. By means of computer and Internet, we can now communicate, keep in touch, and chat with different people and in the long run would develop the foundation of friendship anywhere around the globe. Isn’t it fun and amazing? Everything and everyone across the country is just simply a click away. So if you want to increase more your circle of friends you can do that by simply checking and joining this site that I have found awhile ago over the net. Crush or Flush is about meeting people, maintaing friendships, and expressing yourself on through your cell or pc. You can meet people, chat with friends and express yourself. It's fun, safe and easy to use.


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