Domain Registration

I was really engrossed in blogging during my first three months and was so excited to purchase my own domain name. Truly it is so addictive that I even became nocturnal at times. However, I can only discern a few and simple things about blogging or revamping your blog under a sub domain that’s why I almost end up blogging until the break of the dawn, how pathetic! I guess even a simple 5th grade can also do that or create his/her own domain site even in just a short span of time. Well, admittedly I am really not a techy person and not good at creating a blog, overhauling and beautifying it, but good thing is my BF is here to the rescue. He helped me delved some of his knowledge on how to create a blog, a sub domain, and even a domain name. And what’s most amazing is that he also recommended the best domain registration site for me to end up purchasing a new domain name under dot info. Introducing, a domain registration site for buying cheap Australian domain names with truly affordable domain names just right for you. After learning about those things inculcated by him, I was convinced to buy one. I was so happy when I bought my first domain name courtesy of that site and I am looking forward to buy another one. So if you’re planning to buy a domain name, then don’t give second thoughts and get your own domain now.


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