The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world and is named for the Chihuahua State in Mexico and are best known for their large eyes, small size, and large, erect ears.

Prized for their devotion, ferocity and personality, the chihuahua's curious nature and small size make them easily adaptable to a variety of environments. Though often stereotyped as high-strung, proper training and socialization can amerliorate this.

Chihuahuas tend to not be well-suited as small children's pets because of their size, temperament and tendency to bite when frightened. It's also not uncommon for Chihuahuas focus their devotion on one person, becoming overly jealous of that person's human relationships. Chihuahuas also seem to have no concept of their own size and may fearlessly confront larger animals. Hope someone out there will give me one as a gift.LoL..


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