I can’t believe it’s really true! My beautiful friend Lynn is right. When it rains, it really pours! God is truly great for pouring and endowing all these blessings in me. I’ve been waiting for several months for this to happen and now it is really happening. There is an immeasurable power if you will just pray and lift all your burdens to God. And now, I will still continue praying to God and attending our Rosary every Sunday in our Angeli Domini Group (Religious Org. in our town).

"Congratulations! You've made it!" Apparently, these are the words that keep on running in my head as I thought of the news from one of the Companies and also from my friend Lynn. First, is that I got an off line job from an International company and I will be starting this Monday. Bravo! Bravo! I have already submitted the requirements needed and was so busy lately that’s why I was not able to update my blogs regularly. Sorry for that guys. Hope you understand... And I also hope that I won’t resort myself to any apathy while working on that job and will definitely put my best foot forward to it. And the other one is that my PR0 without bragging (LoL) drastically changed to higher PR. Higher PR means more opps.. Wahahha.. I hope this PR of mine won't flunk in the long run, but if so, that's fine with me. I will just wait again for it alleviate. Anyway, a bunch of Thanks to Lynn for informing me about that wonderful news.. It really pays off when you worked hard for it... Well to those who are also reaching the verge of it, don’t forget to look back and thank God. Ciao!


Wow! Catsy!Congrats with your job!!!! and your PR3 too! I just noticed your PR3 too when I opened your page..any tips on how you got PR3? :)

Take care and God bless!

February 29, 2008 at 4:22 PM  

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