Wow.. I got 8 awards in a row..Thank u so much Mariuca my new found blogger friend for these special and wonderful awards and these are highly appreciated. I'm speechless indeed indescribably in bliss.. thanks girl..

You Make My Day Award

Thanks also to Kuya brian for handing me this Biggest Heart Areally ward
.. This is much appreciated

Now I'm extending these beautiful awards to my fellow bloggers who really inspire me to savor life to the fullest namely: bRIAN, cHESTER, Dante, Jenny, Lynn, Hanna, Noel, teebob, Poetikat, Keith Star, Justine, Rosemarie.


oh wow! that's a lot of awards and I'm sure some of these i handed to you kaso lang i was so bz kaya di ko navisit lahat to let u guys know...anyways, i got a tag for you at this link! See if you are interested!enjoy!

February 2, 2008 at 10:24 PM  

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