Yesterday I was busy cooing some task here in our PC when my twin sis asked me to let her use the PC in a minute. She just wanted to transfer some of her pics on our drive D from her BF's USB Flash Disk. Without having the USB scanned, we were taken aback when some virus appeared and tried to manipulate our mouse. And what's most striking at that time, the virus was intruding my YM account and sending instant messages in my entire list with some scandalous and promiscuous files. So to save my name from shame, I immediately logged out my YM account before everything will went amiss and tried to look for some Virus Scanner but couldn't find one on my pc so just downloaded on the Internet a Free Edition of AVG Virus Scanner that would somehow give a remedy for the meantime.

Well, the reason why these viruses infested in is that my sister uninstalled the AVG Virus Scanner last week and didn’t replace any Scanner at all. Of course, once your computer has an Internet connection, and has no Virus Scanner installed, it would be very prone to any viruses that would somehow destroy and infect your PC’s files and even replicate it. After doing some cleaning tasks, found these 24 viruses and immediately healed it and also deleted the infected files.

After doing so, I knew some of the viruses were still there and not yet detected so I phoned Chester to help me out. He advised to do some attrib command to remove the Autorun which is hidden on the Drive C. Autorun is a system file in windows to change the default command if you just click the drive or adding an autorun on the right click menu. He also informed me that from time to time, I should update the Virus Scanner so that it can detect easily new viruses. Right now, still suffering because the system gives a slow pace of feedback (hangers kaayo Lol..) and maybe ask Chester again and again to do some reformatting on our PC. FYI this would be our 3rd time reformatting our PC courtesy of Plokmaster..Lolz..


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