Tagging Time Again

My former twin template Lynn gave me this tag.. thanks sis...hehe

How long have you been blogging?
- I'm still a newbie coz I started just 3mos. ago last year and this is my very first blog.Ü ü ♫

What inspired you to write a blog, and who are your mentors?
- Actually, I was into software and games publishing/downloading and by placing ads (powered by adsense) on my site have somehow helped me become lucrative by the help of Chester. And later on, he introduced me this blogging thing which have somehow helped me excavate stagnant ideas, thoughts, and self awareness in me. Haha.. And the best thing it's also profitable too.haha

What are the 3 things that you love about being online?
- Unraveling the unknown and at the same time learning form it, keeping us posted on different issues and chikka on the cyberworld and of course developing camaraderie and discovering persona's of the people in all walks of life.*wink*

What are the three things that you struggle with in the online-world?
- Countless and I can't enumerate them by my bare hands. I still want to learn unchartered mysteries of life

I'm sending this to Dante, Sass, dencio, chester, brian, Norms, Darlene, Scotty's princess, Rosemarie


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