Actually I was really hesitant of changing my Blog's Template since I've only been using this for just a month or two. Well, it's just that this BF of mine keeps on criticizing my template design and the widgets and buttons as well are irrelevant he says so. As I gave a deep scrutiny on my blog's template, well he is right! So last night I just decided to change my blog's design and removed some of the buttons and widgets. Of course with Plokmaster's uncanny and scrupulous hands, he was able to customize a new design for my blog. As a newbie, I 'm not really good at HTML, I just depend on the layout tools and simply add those widgets or buttons that I wanted to place with. So changing the design for me would really require some reinforcements..Lolz.. Hehe. Thanks to my dear Chester for helping me out and finished it at around 4am.. Take note we only conversed and exchanged our opinions through YM and Phone..Haha.. That must be really be tough! For more templates, you can also check our other template sites..Here..


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