Oh my!! I just missed to watch on the TV the RBS 6 Nations Championship, but good thing is I have an internet ready to check out their official website which is Rbs6nations.com for the updates. Well these were some of the lines spilled by some foreign actors while I was watching a DVD this afternoon.

Out of my curiosity, just happened to check their official website and found out very informative facts about these things that I have heard on Television. Rbs 6 nations is Europe’s premier international rugby tournament championship and their site provides a wide range of rugby news broadcast, reviews, and recaps about their present and upcoming Championship schedules. You can also take a sneak preview about the history of the 6 squads which encompass the 6 nations namely England, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales and Scotland.

If you’re one of the avid fans of the Rugby squads, take advantage of their interactive games for you to play along with, and what’s most amazing is that the site has also included various Rugby products if you wish to buy those stuffs online. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get more updates directly to your mailbox. Not that all, the video highlights, photo gallery, table, fixtures and results can also be viewed on their site for those who really wanted to get more updates about their favorite players and squads. Now I know why some of those European’s go crazy about RBS 6 Nations Championship.


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