As I have been working in different industries, I was able to grasped many things when it comes to handling customers on how to provide them the satisfaction that they need. Indeed, it helped me a lot to become an effective employee for I was able to hone my customer service skills, other skills and as a return provide a customer satisfaction.

Basically, I consider customers as the core of every business for they are the one’s who gives fuel in every aspect of industry that we are into. They should be given extra care and we should always give them respect. I have to build rapport and know first all the information of the customer be it over the phone or personally. By doing such I can gauge and understand their situation or what they wanted to know about the services or products that I am offering so that I can also provide a good sound of information and explanation. But there are times when customers are becoming irate and getting anxious, well in this case, the very important thing to do is listen. I must remain calm, be all ears, understand their moods, needs and be patient in order for them to feel that they are important. Never resist to what they are ranting about. I may not provide them the information that they need but must extend an effort to give the quality of service that is due for them. Indeed, it is very important to treat these customers as individuals with different needs and expectations for as hearsay "customers are always right." :-)


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