It was past 8pm when me and my sister Erica arrived at Tagum and immediately went to a small Orphanage which has only 21 orphans being sheltered by few of the PM sisters. I actually forgot the name of that Orphanage. The party has already started at around 7pm, and were anticipated and sponsored by Smart Wireless employees in Tagum Branch which my sister is connected with and that is also the reason why I was there, gate crashing..hehhe..

I've seen how those kids were so blissful, reaching their innermost zenith of emotion when they joined different games, merrily singing Christmas songs, eating mouth watering foodstuff prepared by the Smart employees and who wouldn't like receiving gifts? Of course those 21 orphans were so happy and reached the verge of happiness and gladness when they got each one of them their presents.

It really feels so heartwarming and undeniably gratifying when you see those children shows a bright smile on their face not thinking about their gloomy and morose history as long as they are living to the fullest!! ~Carpe Diem~


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