New Job!!

It was already 5:25 in the morning when I was pestered by the alarm of my cell phone I was still sleepy then so I turn it on a snooze mode and get back to bed. Again, after 10 minutes it gave another thud compelling me to get up for work. So, I fixed myself and headed downtown but still heavy-eyed since I slept last night ironing my clothes around 12 midnight.

Given that I was assigned in Lanang Branch, I really have to wake up that early to be able to attend the Company’s Monday morning session. Actually our official time in is supposed to be 8:00 o’clock in an ordinary day but because of our Monday routine, we have to be in at 7:30. So I hastened my pace since it’s my first day and reached the bank at around 7:11, good thing I was 19 minutes ahead.

Much to my surprise, the assembly was spearheaded by our big bosses and different cluster account Executives, Area Managers and officers coming from Tagum. So we started with a prayer, national anthem, the Bank’s Vision and Mission Statement recitation, Bible sharing, presentation of the company’s profit standing , closing prayer and finally the bludgeoning and nerve-racking introduction of the newly hired employees and that includes me. After the session we proceeded to our respective departments and I also went under the tutelage of the area manager for the orientation and JD as well...

During my 1st hour, I was really sleepy and there’s a feeling of apathy, but then, I tried to battle that mood because I don’t want to mess up my first day. Well, I have somehow grasped some of the job description, indeed the job entails higher responsibilities, and it’s very challenging… I just hope and pray that I could surpass the problems that may come along my way as I endeavor that job….♫♪


hello girl...I'm back now.Musta na man ka diri.oi congrats sa imo new found job.Asa man diay tuod ka nga banko nag work?

anyway, goodluck.just stay focus and you can do it.:-)

December 10, 2007 at 11:35 PM  

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