Nerve-racking and I was so tensed when I started the engine for my first driving experience heading downtown this afternoon. Actually it’s supposed to be my twin sister since I believe she’s more confident to take the wheels but the problem is, she haven’t acquired a Driver’s License yet, so I decided to take the lead instead.

Well I was not really confident at all since I just recently got my Driver’s License last week and only few of those driving tips I have somehow grasped during the seminar and the actual driving which in fact I was under my twin sister’s tutelage for just two weeks. Sometimes, when I am caught in the traffic, I can't help my knees but to shake and praying that I can surpass that traffic which I used to call it “labyrinth.” There are also times when I’m really having difficulties and troubles in parallel parking just like when we headed to Citihardware to buy some ceramics and some Christmas decors at NCCC Mall afterwards. My face really turned red when that guard on duty has caught my attention when he uttering something I couldn't understand, perhaps he’s thinking about me being so ignorant on parking the car...Well..Funny how it is but we all drove home safe and sound... And I’m ready for the next driving adventure... Hope I couldn’t meet any accident on my next escapade. Ciao...♫♫♪


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