It has always been our barkada’s customary way of celebrating Christmas Party 2 days before Christmas in each other’s home since College and this time it was held possible in my abode. Each one of us prepared presents for her Manita since we are all girls and we’re very excited and can’t wait to open each other’s gifts. Well, a bunch of thanks to the shopping sites on the Internet, Amazon and E-bay for helping me out on what gift I have to give to my manita. It's indeed a great Discount Shopping service they have provided and really gave me an idea to save time and money.What a great value!

Well, some brought cakes, grilled chicken, delicious pies, mouth-watering ice cream, “Pancit Guisado” a form of sautéed noodles and it’s the perennial item on the Filipino dining table, and of course at your service prepared Kare-Kare also one of the Best Filipino Cuisines, cake, fruit salad, and Lumpia.

We were very happy then when the party started eating and gobbling the dishes and sweets served on the table, chitchatting, and of course the most spectacular course in the party sharing each other’s presents and picture taking. We all decided to have our party overnight since we wanted to attend “Misa de Gallo” which is a Spanish phrase for Midnight mass, more literally translated as "Rooster's Mass." It is said that the "Rooster's Mass" owes its name to the idea that a rooster would have been among the first to witness the birth of Jesus, and thus be the one to announce it. So as practiced here in the Philippines, this custom lasts for nine days, starting on December 16 up to December 24. It’s actually would be my 3rd day since I missed my 3rd day when I went to Tagum and unfortunately missed consecutively the following masses. So, just now that I continued attending it together with my friends.

At the break of the dawn we were so excited and I guess most of us didn’t sleep for the Misa de Gallo. So we fixed ourselves, went to church, and after the mass, I introduced my college friends to my Rosary Group mates in the Church and headed back home to eat again and sleep. That was indeed a great experience for us and I hope in the following years we will still wake up celebrating and merrily celebrating one reason that is the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ... Seize the day!! ☺


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